Database options with Delphi XE Starter

I’m slightly annoyed at the lack of ADO components in DXE starter. I’m not familiar with BDE or Interbase, and the documentation for these appears rather lacking. As I’d prefer to use MS SQL Server Express because it’s free and it’s what I’m familiar with, I thought I’d look at ADO but Embarcadero have elected not to ship the ADO DB components with DXE starter.

Given that I’m not going to do any serious DB work in Delphi, the simplest alternative is to use SQLite. There’s a set of Delphi components for accessing SQLite databases called DISQLite3. It’s simple to use; TDISQLite3Database and TDISQLite3Statement and we’re rocking. A personal version of DISQLite3 is free for non-commercial use. As an added bonus, applications using DISQLite3 don’t depend on the SQLite DLL.

What’s not to like?


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