VIsual C++ 2005 Express

I’ve recently found myself needing to generate binaries for Windows NT4 (don’t ask). At work, we’ve settled on using MinGW for building our C++ binaries and I’ve struggled to generate binaries that run on Windows NT without any missing modules.

In order to make things simpler, I thought that I might try downloading Visual C++ 2005 Express, as that was the last version that supported generating NT4 binaries. Later versions are XP and above only. If I’m not mistaken Visual Studio 2012 only targets Vista and above out of the box; XP support was returned after much pressure.

I couldn’t a download link to Visual Studio 2005 Express on the Microsoft website. Instead, I found the following link to the Visual C++ ISO (hosted at Microsoft) that still appears to work.

It’s still valid, so grab a copy before it disappears forever.


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